Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sixteen, utterly fantastic, years.

Today is MJL's birthday. Sixteen years ago Anna and I were doing lots of things, starting with sleeping peacefully, and ending with sleeping fitfully. In between we did grinning insanely, shouting in pain, staring astonished, some more grinning, and lots, and lots, of hugging. We are stilling doing much the same, although not so 'compressed: you run through the steps first in just 24 hours, then you repeat them slower over the next sixteen years apparently.

As a 'product' I think that we have moulded well - he's strong and clever, vocally adept and adored by his friends. He can be lazy, but he can work like a Trojan (sic) and he's not uncomfortable on the eye ;-)

As a person, he is a self-made Man. What he has accomplished in sixteen years is a source of wonder and pride to me, and his entire family. He is entertaining and engaging, a little shy, but with a laugh that makes me join in just at the thought of it. He is clever and insightful, seldom moody, (he's not very good at it) and very, very funny.

It has been a delight and a privilege, thank you and happy birthday Marcus Jordan Lister Hollingsworth.

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