Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hornby 1991(ish) - 2009

18 years ago this month, Anna and I were settling into the evening in our new flat in south London. Suddenly, through the part-open window, in streaked a brown and black blur, scooting across the living room floor and disappearing into the Kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen, we were more than a little surprised to observe a cat peering at us from inside the washing machine! A quick phonecall to the Martin (the previous tenent, landlord and mate) explained the weird goings-on -
Hornby (for 'twas his name) was used to waiting in the drum whilst his food was dished-up.

And so began Hornby's adoption of Ben and Anna. Throughout his 18 years with us (we STILL don't know when he was born) he has supplied the ammunition for many a good tail (sic) - for example, buy me a drink and ask about the first time he saw a Seagull - and has provided us with cuddles, scratches, bits of animals (he's seen a couple of Hamsters off too) and adorable photos.

We have been feeding him by hand for the past few days, and Anna and I said goodbye to him finally around midday : old age won, as it always does. As is the Family tradition, he will be laid to rest in his garden this evening.

Thank you Hornby - for everything. We love you.

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