Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dramatic look

Just because it ALWAYS makes me laugh.

Addendum - there is a nice variation here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hornby 1991(ish) - 2009

18 years ago this month, Anna and I were settling into the evening in our new flat in south London. Suddenly, through the part-open window, in streaked a brown and black blur, scooting across the living room floor and disappearing into the Kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen, we were more than a little surprised to observe a cat peering at us from inside the washing machine! A quick phonecall to the Martin (the previous tenent, landlord and mate) explained the weird goings-on -
Hornby (for 'twas his name) was used to waiting in the drum whilst his food was dished-up.

And so began Hornby's adoption of Ben and Anna. Throughout his 18 years with us (we STILL don't know when he was born) he has supplied the ammunition for many a good tail (sic) - for example, buy me a drink and ask about the first time he saw a Seagull - and has provided us with cuddles, scratches, bits of animals (he's seen a couple of Hamsters off too) and adorable photos.

We have been feeding him by hand for the past few days, and Anna and I said goodbye to him finally around midday : old age won, as it always does. As is the Family tradition, he will be laid to rest in his garden this evening.

Thank you Hornby - for everything. We love you.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Your favorites on Flickr

I was trolling through my favourites on Flickr tonight, and I realised how little time I spent reviewing these. Watching them as a slideshow, with Speech Debelle (thank you once again Mercury Music Award!) playing in the background, I can honestly say I am proud of my selection.

Of course, the next step is to start reviewing your contacts favourites, or much creepier, the favourites of people who call one of YOUR pictures a favourite!

as an example, read these instructions once, then go back over them and do as they say....

1. click here to start playing The Model, by Kraftwerk.
2. watch Keith's Favourites list by clicking here.
3. See if you can spot my wife - Anna!

I'd like to point out that neither of us (to my knowledge) knows this man. Hmmmm...