Thursday, February 19, 2009

Music coming of age (still)

It seems music sharing is getting closer to my ideal month on month so I thought I'd do a round-up for future reference, and probably derision once Apple invents the iEar. Its not exhaustive, and there are many that have risen only to fall by the wayside (Pandora, Muxtape et al) but they are at least all usable. Most still rely on a single computer or mobile device to play (Pandora for example used to stream via Squeezebox) but that is only a matter of time....

So here it is, my username, where applicable is in (brackets) so feel free to contect with me on any of the services -

  • with the iPhone came Simplify. Share your music with your mobile device and up to 30 mates can reciprocate. Its slow but very cool

  • Songbeat is a neat package of seeqpod and other search engines with nice features such as integration

  • has been around for a while and is great to use as a clever radio station It limits you to only 3 tracks per playlist from any particular artist, and has some peculiarities, but overall very useful (beejbaby)

  • is smashing for both recording what you've been listening to, and also for suggesting alternative tracks and artists based on your play history. This is probably the most useful attribute as I love being introduced to new music and I have a fetish for cover versions - for example, have you heard 'our friends electric' as performed by An Pierlé ?! (beejbaby)

Spotify is my player of choice at the moment, it has a vast range of tracks that are expanding despite some scare stories of late, and used in conjunction with it is pretty much the zenith at the moment. It's still in Beta, but email me if you want an invitation ;-)
I addition to simply playing music, you can create links for other Spotify users (here's one - Random, an album of Gary Numan covers!) which lends itself nicely to blog-type mashups, like this one where Afront has taken photos of his CD shelves and linked each album to the corresponding item in Spotify - Cool!