Monday, November 24, 2008

A fine solution for the British Economy

Following the shock news that, according to the Government, the UK (and everywhere except Somalia) is entering a massive recession because we all borrowed too much to keep our kids happy, the Government has announced its solution.

It is to borrow on an unprecedented scale, to fund tax cuts to keeps its electorate happy. Brilliant.

I reckon what we need is a war, so we can all be jolly grateful for the little we can steal/barter/grow until such time as we all realise how silly we've been (or there is a change of Government).

For those who are fuming at the last statement, perhaps you should grow a 'humour' and be educated by the ramblings of The Daily Mash ;-)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another good night for iBBC

Yet another triumph for the Licence Fee tonight, with Gideon Coe's show consisting of just the most sublime mix of music (sic) and a live set by The Charlatans that blew me away.

For those that don't know (just a few) we in the UK have a licence fee levied upon everybody that owns a television.  I won't go into the wrinkles of who pays what for their TV's/Computers in any particular household, suffice to say that most of the properties in the UK pay £139.50 per year (only £47 if the set is black&white!) and in return, the BBC can operate without adverts.

(Apart from annoyingly long ones for their own programmes).

There is a certain portion of the UK population (usually just the newspapers actually) that would like the BBC to start playing adverts, thus negating the need for a licence fee.

Well, go to Gideon's home page and listen again to one of the shows that take your fancy; you won't be disappointed, and to my mind, it more than justifies the framework that allows un-interrupted music of the calibre to be found on that list.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

One for Frasch...

One for Frasch - who has introduced me to some great sites in our time. Although the is well known and oft visited, it's evil (corporate) twin is every bit as amusing in places.

Just so you know, Frasch battles the spam at TEAM's centre for anti-spam excellence (he is known as C.A.S.E Manager) which is based in a hollowed-out South Seas Island, firewalled by killer dolphins and gentically engineered Counter-Strike enthusiasts armed with REAL guns and shields of invincibility. And having read this, he has probably dashed off to begin creating his own 3d Counter-Strike map of this very place.