Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I hate getting distracted

So I'm sitting unwinding tonight, tweaking a blog-post I've been playing-with over the last month or so (fav. albums..I know, who hasn't seen the 'ultimate list', but I figure I have to do one officially). For some background music, I flick to youtube and pick one of the bands I'm writing about (Adams and the Ants).
I start to thinking : youtube is a time machine.

Stay with me here....I, like many others, dangled a microphone in front of the TV speaker (a single, oval piece of iron and cardboard buried behind teak veneer and 5mm of Pledge) in a vain effort to re-listen to a garbled, white-noise flooded mimed rendition of this weeks top tune.

Youtube allows you to see those people playing in early videos, and on fantastic TV shows like The Old Grey Whistle Test'(a show that was always on too late for me to stay up for, and video-recording technology was still several years away from being discovered on a non-officially recognised Alien saucer in Roswell...)

For example, if you thought Devo was a crass late-seventies joke band, take a peek at 'punk-lite' Devo playing 'Uncontrollable Urge'

Now. . It won't make sense otherwise....

Now that will ONLY have been seen by people my Mothers age (probably, ish) and yet it could prove to certain (not mine or yours...)14 year-olds that music DIDN't start with Snoop Dogg, Guns 'n' Roses or even Kylie (but she HAS been going forever, honestly, look at how WELL she's aged, of course, she had that awful thing, you know, the front of Heya magazine where she wasn't wearing makeup, and after all who can blame her, what with that shit of a boyfriend fucking-off with that skinny bird, you know, looks like Courtney Cox after an acid bath...)

Have a search for 'TOTP' and the year you left school....ie 'TOTP 1984'

*Links* - some good vide...
Wall of Voodoo - Back in Flesh
Adam and the Ants - Never trust a man (with egg on his face)
Adam and the Ants - The Idea
Kid Koala - Moon River (Look especially for about halfway through, when he starts re-writing the whole song!)
Dave Gilmour & Robert Wyatt - Comfortably Numb

That should get you started!

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