Sunday, March 23, 2008

Flickr Fun

This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from benhollingsworth tagged with bj_friend_tag_test_01. Make your own badge here.

I was tickled a couple of years ago when I spotted an active photo-frame (you know, little LCD screens that you can load pictures onto) that had WiFi and a Flickr tag interrogator built-in (This is an example...)

Usually, these devices come with god-awful frames that you simply have to suffer, just so you can have the funky Tech, you must have seen them? Anyway, the groovy thing about this particular model was that
a) It connected to your home WiFi so you didn't need to pull them off the wall to reload the wee SD chips with pics.
b) it could connect to Flickr and display pictures that had ben tagged with a particular word or phrase.

Well, it got me thinking (eventually) about making sure that all my 1200 pictures on Flickr were tagged in such a way that it I wanted one of these frames to display JUST the pictures I posted, I could simply get it to look for a single, (probably) unique ID.

"Why?" I hear you ask...well for example, if I wanted to buy the venerable parents an iFrame (I'm sure that name has gone already!) I could actually CONTROL which pictures they saw, simply by adding or changing tags on pictures. But then, other friends or family could (for example) download a screensaver that looks only for a particular Flickr tag, and view these pictures too.

I have decided to take this idea a step forward, and propose the following:
1) I will tag all interesting pictures that contain friends or families, with the word 'bj_friend_tag_test_01'
2) you (yes, YOU) can tag your own pictures with the same word(bj_friend_tag_test_01) so that my screensaver shows them, randomly and surprisingly.
3) You can download a screensaver or iTunes visualiser, or add an application to your Facebook, or any number of other funky Flickr-enabled applications, and tell it to look for the tag 'bj_friend_tag test_01'. See pictures as I or other friends posty them! he very fastest way is to search Flickr for all paictures with this tag and display them as a slideshow. That would be complicated if I hadn't done the hard work for you... just click here!

I will update this post over the next week or so to include links to applications etc that will do just this...keep coming back!

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