Monday, June 25, 2007

se your Connections

Having a apres work pint today, I got into a conversation with John about utilising network connections for the greater good (ie: own own) and how online facilities such as Linkedin and Facebook (in my view, a middle-aged MySpace) are the natural extension of the kind of networking that we all do daily. Or not.
Now I'm a dabbler in Linkedin, and to feel the benefit you really need to spend time and effort in schmoozing, tailoring your CV etc. I've spent time on neither, and to be honest, apart from word-of-mouth tales and Marketing spin, I've heard no stunning tales of success. John takes it one stage further and maintains that he enjoys a certain an anonymity with regards his career furtherance. Ironic bearing in mind he was bemoaning my lack of activity on the Blog front and has had a spurt of posting lately (he's a great writer and is completely wasted trying to convince Corporate Europe that online services from a certain Info-aggregator are worth buying into).
I have promised that I'll send him an invite to Linkedin so he can start widening his horizons and possibly garner some interest from someone who is looking for the right mix of Frustrated-Muso meets Cautious-Aggressive Business promoter cum online evangelist. Which brings me to the point of my post....can anyone remind me of my Linkedin login? I thought it was the same as my Plazer/Flickr/ login, but apparently not....

Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh, if only...

Gust spotted a well-to-do couple in the Tesco express...lady: I'd better get a bottle of wine
Man: have we not not got any for the weekend then?
Lady: no, I'll get a bottle

I wish!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ray Ozzie: Wiring the Web

This article caught my imagination today, but first, some background. For those who don't know, Ray Ozzie is Microsoft's Chief Software Architect, a role he took over (inherited?) from Bill Gates, so he kinda knows his stuff. His appointment was heralded in many quarters as a major shift within MS, away from the bad old 90's 'keep it close to your chest' reputation that they undoubtably deserved, toward an open, collaborative, inclusive stance. This may have been part of a damn clever and insidious marketing plan, which saw MS embracing the kind of attitudes that are beginning to be espoused by their software products. Lets face it, who is going to believe that applications advertised as enabling collaboration are best designed, sold and supported by a company that has more secrets than the CIA? On the other hand, Evolutionists would have it that development is best acheived through sharing - from passing-down particularly strong DNA lines to splitting the spoils of early mans hunting expeditions thus enabling other members of the family/tribe to protect and nurture.

I'm from the camp that firmly believes in spreading it about unless it's my Pint (get your own, scrounger) and so I was pleased to see that one of the concepts that visited Ray in his bath recently was immediately passed to a Concept Development Team (wouldn't we all love to have THAT kind of resource for every bright idea we've had!) and has started to emerge under the banner of 'Live Clipboard', a standard for the interchange of content (at its most simplistic). Whilst not quite an epiphany as there are precedents such as Yahoo Pipes, it does bode well for the future of sharing and Mashups, not least of all because of the weight of Microsoft. It is progressive however, in that MS are releasing their work under a Creative Commons license, which means it is open to development and enhancement in the same way as Linux has been, based primarily upon a framework of rules and an overwhelming desire to see developments achieve high up-take.

The down-side of this attitude is also blatantly obvious on exactly the same page, in the form of nearly 900 'Trackbacks'. These are provided as a directory or index of blogs, articles and pieces discussing or commenting upon the original article. In the case of Rays latest brain-child, most of them selling Viagra, pushing gambling sites and tempting you with images of many kinds of mammal in various states of undress.

Oh, its wonderful to be open, but the earliest and most prolific adoptors are BOUND to be commercially driven and less targeted than your average American Ally Support squadron.