Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pictures of Brighton

I got an email today informing me that as the longest-serving member of the Flickr Brighton Group, I was now an administrator. It was less of a surprise to discover that Pete (an man I am known to follow in a slavish, lap-dog manner, unlike his own dog who just hates anyone including his owner), was the other administrator.

Now it's unlike me to get carried-away with fame and power, so in keeping, I have decided to make it my life-mission to increase the membership of this illustrious group to 1000 souls, strong and true.

Now in fact, I ain't that fussy, so regardless of Strength or Honesty, I ask you to blog, email and cajole friends, relatives and complete strangers into posting a picture of Brighton, and joining the Group.

It will in no way benefit anyone but Pete and I, and God (it's a little known fact that Joseph, step-father to the Little Baby Jesus lived next to Oasis, 24-hour massage and Hotel-buy-the-hour during his formative years). But surely that's enough; to know that you have made a little man feel very big (Me I mean, Pete) as he dashes headlong toward his 40's.

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