Monday, February 19, 2007

Bruised and battered

Curiously, I was talking to Pete about this very subject just last week....migraine headaches. Last night, I felt washed-out and just a little out-of-sync with reality, like my tracking was out (for those who remember Video Tape Recorders). This morning, I had nasty, but not unbearable pains behind my right eye, and as I had to drive 80 miles along the M25, I decided to pop some pills and lay down for an hour or so.

I woke up about an hour ago. I still feel like I'm watching a TV show rather than acting in a play (actually, thats not right, I feel like I'm acting in a play rather than going through life) but I have no pain....and the only thing I can imagine this is, is a migraine.

I used to have them fairly regularly when I was in my teens/twenties, but they were HUGELY painful, protracted affairs with much wailing and gnashing of teeth (and plenty of sickness too). In fact, to this day, it is probably the only thing I am really, genuinely afraid of. But at the moment, I feel like I used to feel for a couple of days after having one. I have to go to Paris tomorrow, and I am aware that I am rambling (not really a symptom, I know!) but I feel like stuff is sped-up and my brain is on fast forward.....I can't close my eyes now, I'm not tired, but I know that sleep is exactly what I need.....

Ahh yes, the point (!) It's not news as such, but Pete hadn't heard about it so I had a look myself...there appears to be a strong link between a small heart defect and migraines.

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