Thursday, January 18, 2007

Latest plan....

Its like Independance Day in London, and I have murdered vicars and cast old ladies to the dogs in order to secure a seat on what could possibly be the last train out of town, heading to Brighton. 
To liken the scenes in Euston station to those during the Blitz would be a cliche, and entirely inaccurate; if we had just stood in groups looking at display boards during the war, hoping that the row of 'canceled' signs were group hallucinations, we'd all be eating Weinerschlom and the trains would be on time.....
I bailed when I realised the Grolsch was getting warm (a sure sign its been a good afternoon at The Brittania) and I wasn't going up to Rugby in preparation for a Talk I've been asked to deliver. 4 stops on an empty Tube Train and step Bond-style onto a departing train without breaking step or sweat.....Sweet! gets better....the Char-Lady has just wheeled her trolley up to my executive bunk laden with Gin and Salad...hooray!

John was on a train this morning that was hit by a falling tree (that'll show him, coming back here and taking all the high-paid jobs that didn't exist before he convinced some poor Pom that they really badly needed him!) So he spent 2 hours waiting for guys with chainsaws to remove the rail-abberation (why the hell do they PLANT trees alongside railtracks?!) and is facing a midnight return home as someone in his office wants to talk about fullstops in marketing plans at 5.30 tonight... (awww...shame!)

So...the latest plan involves me catching a Virgin train to Glasgow at silly-o-clock tomorrow and flinging myself from the train somewhere around Rugby....wish me luck!

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