Thursday, November 30, 2006

Life in the Eurostar Business Car

Just 3 observations today....
1. The phrase "...suddenly she has a baby leaching off her" can only be delivered successfully by a Mother
2. Based on conversations overheard, Women are from Venus, Men are from Dixons.
3. Paul O'Grady is a gentleman, but his companion, and an number of other 'chic clique' here appear to think that wearing fur is cool. Wrong. Its as cool as gassing a minority, or screwing your auntie: it simply doesn't have a place in modern society.
***disclosure*** I have owned a ski-hat made of rabbit fur for many years.
***moral dilema*** now I HAVE a fur hat, should I burn it in disgust or would that be more of an utter waste of the animals life?


Anonymous said...

I'd stuff the hat with sawdust, attach a pair of prosthetic ears and mount it over the fireplace with a little plaque that just says 'sorry' - it makes a social statement...not sure what it means though.

Anonymous said...

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