Saturday, October 14, 2006

Coming to a Browser near you...Karmic Spam

How can Microsoft hope to compete with the likes of this startling stroke of genius discovered at the frankly astonishing WhatWouldJesusDownload. They are quite simply up against a power supposedly even greater than they: Umbuntu. But not just any old (seemingly never-ending) version of the coolest Linux since Penquins were invented. Oh no, this is Ubuntu Christian Edition.

So lets get the serious bit out of the way. This is a shining example of the kind of varigation that benefits an Open Source approach in ways MS and hundreds of other more traditional models can only dream of. Blahblahblahblah.

More importantly, it is a micro-market revolution, a revalation for many I suspect. The Apple Mac market for software has (nearly) always been more limited than for the PC's, and for obvious reasons. There's more PC's of course.

So why is this the first Operating System for Christians? And stop giggling, they do versions of windows in Portuguese after all. And actually, they do versions in English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). Did you know that the combined numbers of the speakers of these languages, is less than the number of Christians in the world. (roughly 2.05 billion -vs- 2.1 billion, in case you're wondering).

Now of course, some God Botherers need French language versions, so I'm not surprised it got developed ahead of Microsoft's own Christian Edition, but still I think there's an awful big market there for relatively little effort. In case you were wondering, Portuguese speakers (170 million) outstrip French speakers over 2:1, but at about 160 million in the US alone, the market I'm heading for is, the overweight.

Yes, yes, I'm firmly inside the demographic. And so are the majority of my friends I suspect, but the point is, Microsoft has identified the needs of a language above and beyond the need of a faith, and whilst I am absolutely not religious, I wonder if this is in line with their collaborative, community, sharing, inclusive marketing angle.

Two things, I need an angle on the 'OS for a larger generation', and my plans for world domination via the web have begun with KarmicSpam, a site spawned in drunken conversation with Barr-Watson, and destined to become the next target for aggressive bun-fights between Yahoo and Google (please!)

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