Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I tried, mon Dieu I tried!

Now as many of you now, I'm a committed Europhile. I have to be, I work for Dutch people, I know the Euro coins by feel when buried in my pockets (yes, thats what I'm doing, not just rummaging) and I'm spending lots of time on a train rushing through Kent (the most foreign of all UK counties) into France, so where do I find myself sitting on a balmy evening in Paris? Cafe L'oiseau Bleu perhaps? le douche d'or? Non, I'm at the Cambridge Tavern.

And why am I forced to practise my halting language skills at a Faux Irish Pub a mere spit from l'arc de Triumphe? Because its the only place for miles (apart from Hotels) that have a WiFi internet connection. OK, so not everywhere is as forward thinking or 2.4Ghz-saturated as sunny Brighton, but the Mayor of Paris has recently proffered his vision of a Paris with 100% blanket WiFi coverage. Yup, he's going head to head with the likes of San Fransisco, New york and Milton Keynes in announcing his ambitions to become fully-wired (wireless) by the end of next year.

Well, roll-on the day I say, because after struggling for 20 minutes with a strange-looking box demanding I 'Mot de Passe' despite the off-hand shrugs from bar staff, I managed to gain access to their (admittedly free) WiFi connection by guessing the password ('cambridge' in case you're ever passing).

And they pronounce it 'Whiffy' over here, so try not to laugh when they say it to you the first time, it gets you crap service for the remainder of your stay, I KNOW!

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