Friday, September 08, 2006

Business-class tags...

Note to self : practice using the following keywords when riding business-class...

Piece of it
Supply chain
Defensive stance
Leverage (F**KING ARSES!)
Big in Brazil/Middle-East/'States (delete as approriate)
Knob-rottingly up my own bum (I invented that one.)

I'm trying to learn a bit of french already, how the hell am I going to learn Bollocks at the same time?

Oh yeah...and as for twats that look like they are straight from Gerald Scarf cartoons telling all and sundry in the loudest voice possible to be quiet when they are on the phone.......hand me the 12-gauge.


Anonymous said...

'Synergy' - it's very difficult to use this word without sounding like a wanker

Ben Hollingsworth said...


Ben Hollingsworth said...

I've just caught up with John's Blog, Restrospectator, and found that he wrote on exactly the same subject on Monday...DAMN! So I'm grudgingly linking him a couple of times. :-!