Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Light years ahead

I have recently started playing Sierra's Homeworld 2 RTS (Real Time Strategy) game and for a while, I couldn't figure why I was so taken with it...I loathe Chess (no patience) and Backgammon (no luck) so why did I suddenly start enjoying a strategy game? Then the penny dropped. Pat, one of my oldest buddies and I used to share a fascination with all things spacey; the comic 2000AD was a weekly must, as was dashing home (anybody's) to watch Blakes 7, and we both had a copy of a magnificent book that illustrated, explained and documented a vast array of space Cruisers, Fighters, Battleships and weaponry.
It had blueprints, deck plans, specifications, you name it, but the most striking thing were the majestic colour prints that adorned every other page. I only remember one spaceship by name; the Partisan, but magnificent doesn't go partway to describing the impact those illustrations had on my little brain. And the same attention to (imaginary) detail has gone into making this game. I would be exagerating if I if I said your life would be incomplete without it, but I assure you, it will be MORE complete with it.
I hope Pat can remember the name of the book, or better still, know where his copy of it is. But if he can't, I can immerse myself in the wonders of a world thousands of years in the future, a world I am sure will exist, and I was supposed to be born into.

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