Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I've just realised that I am almost at the anniversary of the inception of (this incarnation of) my Blog.

How wonderful then is the news that I am so much more well adjusted than I was two years ago: better grounded, more mellow, less angry.

HAH! It happened to me AGAIN today, another example of call-centres following a procedure designed to drag you screaming sarcastic remarks down the phoneline that connects you directly with dissatisfaction and an early coronary.

But being a more mature person, I won't bother you with the details, (unless I see you in person in the next few days whilst I'm cooling-off... go on ask me about it, I dare you), suffice to say that Lloyds TSB customer relations are SHITE and that I hope every one of their so-called systems develoment commitees members dies in abject povert.  Preferrably with  disgusting knob-rot rashes.

See how grown-up I am?

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