Monday, July 24, 2006

Groovy Photo help...

Free printable cardboard lens hoods are a simple, but excellent example of lateral-use of the Internet. Most people would be trying to conjure up ways of flogging these, but Paul Mutton has the model exactly right: build it and they will come, load-up with Google Ads and stand-back. I have no idea how much Paul earns from this site, and if the (fiscal) ends justify the means, but I just find it poetic in its distillation of Web 2.0 (or something).

Paul, if you are listening, get in touch and give me some background for an update please!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Overheard... Schipol airport, via Tannoy.... "will Shaun Ryder, travelling from Manchester to Madrid, please go to the KLM help desk...".  If anyone needs help, apart from travelling from Manchester to Madrid via Holland, its Mr Ryder!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I've just realised that I am almost at the anniversary of the inception of (this incarnation of) my Blog.

How wonderful then is the news that I am so much more well adjusted than I was two years ago: better grounded, more mellow, less angry.

HAH! It happened to me AGAIN today, another example of call-centres following a procedure designed to drag you screaming sarcastic remarks down the phoneline that connects you directly with dissatisfaction and an early coronary.

But being a more mature person, I won't bother you with the details, (unless I see you in person in the next few days whilst I'm cooling-off... go on ask me about it, I dare you), suffice to say that Lloyds TSB customer relations are SHITE and that I hope every one of their so-called systems develoment commitees members dies in abject povert.  Preferrably with  disgusting knob-rot rashes.

See how grown-up I am?

Tech piggy-backin'

I have (more than once) raved about the marvellous Wired magazine, and whilst they often pickup on tech and sites that have been doing the rounds for a good while, (and more often, start hammering-on about sites that have only just come to their attention like they were there before inception) they can be relied upon to apply these internet nuggets to reality in a way that often casts a new, sober light.  This month's was another point-in-case, with one small exception....iTunes playlists.
"he's rambling again Mother" I hear a number of you bellow, but wait, it all makes sense eventually, just bear with me.

In a series of articles following a (tenuous) thread on the personaliation of content, through music, radio, TV and all points including medicine, they preach the gospel according to YOU.  Side themes including mass-workforce and clothing do not detract from the fact that we are more open, indeed more exposed, to choice, experimentation and self expression (which individually sounds like the rantings of a mad-man but combined can move mountains and change the names of perfectly good chocolate confections from Marathon to Snickers).  So what does all this freedom and leaverage buy us?

Well travel, access to knowledge and ultimately, the option to NOT have to listen to whatever rubbish is being pushed down our throats.  We don't have to listen to Crap FM if we don't want to.  And if my best thinking is done at the Bijhorst in Rotterdam, so be it.  However, if said hotel doesn't have broadband access due to moon rays  or Comic flares (are there any other kind?) then I can't show you where I am currently sitting in the world courtesy of (courtesy of Pete, courtesy of Joi), or compose this entry on anything other than my (undisputed king of the smartphone) Crackbeery 7100v.  I can't even listen to Pandora, I'm limited to the mp3's left hiding in the corner of my hard-drive thanks to bloody iTunes.

Because whatever Wired or anyone else thinks about the individuals choice, I am still stuck in a hotel tapping out my innermost thoughts imperfectly, frustratingly, whilst listening on tiny Apple speakers to my daughters Tap Dance practise music.  Because of iTunes. 

Oh no, its the Chatanooga Choo Choo again...right, best get on with my Shuffle-Ball-Change.....and a ONE two three four....