Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reasons to get fit...No.57

NIke and Apple have done what Apple and Motorola couldn't....proper cross-over technology. A Phone that plays songs? Nah, keep it. An iPod that makes phonecalls? Better. But this is nothing short of Genius....Nike have built sensors into running shoes to feedback info to a Nano, and between the two companies, I suspect they have done enough to convice even the hardened Armchair Surfer (to whit...me) to take up a fitness regime. Where do I sign-up?

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Looking back

Synchronicity is a wonderous thing. Over the weekend, various event conspired with the result that we are now proud owners of a new car, and following an email from Leo (sorry, its the closest thing to a blog the lad has!) I was pondering just how far convertibles have come. For a start, the hood on my TVR never busted within 2 hours of picking up the damn thing, or EVER for that matter! But that aside, I'm very happy with it.

Back to Leo's email, there are some interesting game comparisons on Fosfor Gadgets, stuff that I'd completely forgotten about. I may start a 'Looking Back' section for recent(ish) tech comparisons.....any suggestions for kick-off?