Friday, April 28, 2006

Kill Bill's Browser

There are a couple of Anti-IE site popping up, but I particularly liked Kill Bill's Browser for its giggles, and Explorer Destroyer, which actually figures a way of earning you money if you convert IE users! You need an Adsense account, but still, if you have enough visitors and are deeply anti-IE its well worth playing with!

On the Dark Side™ however, The Inquirer reports that technically, here in the uk "...such actions are illegal, as they could be deemed an incitement to cause harm to a pillar of the community and therefore terrorist in nature."

Finally, you may have noticed that I HAVEN'T added the Explore Destroyer script to these pages....thats because I really couldn't give a rats-arse.

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Big Nerd...

Seagate have announced the Largest Production Hard Drive to date : 750Gb. Coming in SATA and PATA version apparently, they will have 16Mb Cache and 2.7 BiggaGigs of FlangeWidget. Lets face it, its a fat mutha. It will come in at under $0.80c per Gb, and a number of forums are already bitching about the 'why does my drive only format up to 698Gb..' questions that are bound to arise in the new future.

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Friday, April 21, 2006


Outbound Security at airports is in place, I have decided, not to check for items that may pose a security risk like nail files and disposable lighters (which, incidentally you cannot take through Security, but can buy freely once air-side). It is to wind the public up SO much that potential air-rage candidates expose themselves by ranting on about the pointlessness of queuing at 5am to get to Malaga along with 100 other people, when there are only 6 security staff manning X-ray machines. 
Word for the day: panini. Definition: tepid half-baked roll with all remaining semblance of life crushed from its limp form.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More Gizmo's

Another gadget from eagle-eyed Frasch, this time a programmable control surface that looks like it is pretty close to production. Although the video shows it controlling samples/sequences, I'm sure its just a hop-skip-jump to interfacing to Lighting, and all manner of other things....

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Guitar Hero

MJL and I have been taking the p**s out of the Guitar Hero controllers in Virgin over the last week, but after seeing a WiFi-modded example on Gizmodo, my curiosity was stirred. Oh, what a can of worms. YouTube has a bucket-load of examples of Steve Vai-alikes (just search for the tags 'Guitar Hero', but one of the coolest must be SArmstr0ng's split-screen Ace of Spades. OMG!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

B3ta than life.....

The chaps that brought you 'Badger Badger' also run B3ta, the disgusting, bad-taste, evil, wicked and very funny nonsense pot-pourri.  They have made their newsletter into a TV pilot that stands DICK chance of being taken up in its current form (go ahead, prove me wrong someone, PLEASE!) but is most amusing! I particularly enjoyed the Japanese YMCA and Old Grey Squirrel Test.....