Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A test of faith?

It will be interesting to see Google's reaction to Bjarke's wonderful little set of extensions that make use of Google's sweet Gmail service. Effectively turning the 2Gb of email storage into a folder driven 'net storage area. It doesn't really matter if the Gmail boffins have come up with this already, Google can either allow this utilisation to continue, or they can shut the door/introduce their own version, and look like Class A bastards!
Given Google's excellent reputation on integrity and public-interest (with the exception of their China Crisis, it will be interesting to see which way they will fall. Little login-notify applets are all well and good, but this is re-engineering at its best; not least for the lateral thinking it exhibits. Personally, I think there is a great deal of Kudos in the balance here.

Thanks to Frasch for bringing it to my attention

Well it didn't take long for a reasonably plausible 'we came up with it first' story, did it?!

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Anonymous said...

I think they'll let it slide assuming it doesn't consume too much server resource. Gdisk on the mac has been doing the same thing for about a year now...

Ben Hollingsworth said...

....Thanks Pete, but given the distribution of PC's to Mac's, there is likely to be much more attention paid to this....Incidentally, it was interesting that Google 'leaked' their plans for Gdrive around the same time as this came to light, although the terminology doesn't strike me as normal Google-ese.....'infinite storage'?!