Saturday, February 25, 2006

For my birthday, I would like....

eStarling LCD
ThinkGeek has bucket-loads of gizmo's, gadgets and goodies, some fresh, some downright stinky, but they have come up trumps this time. The eStarling LCD Photo Frame may look like yet another of those naff faux-wood affairs where the screen to too small, the surround too plastic and the price tag too Trump, but this one is different(ish) :-
    • ummm...actually, the screen is pretty small
    • hooray! It doesn't look hideous
    • Sorry, its still costs the same as a 19" monitor, despite being a mere 5.6" diagonal.

Have you noticed, when you get down to anything this small, the decimal point is all-important? Anyways, the clever bit is that it has a Wireless card built in, and its very own RSS-reading bit of code-stuff, meaning it can display tagged pics from your Flickr account....or more usefully for Grandparents....those of their adoring kids and offspring!
I'm off to see if I can find a DIY kit to convert a fat-ol' LCD monitor into the ideal christmas present...

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