Wednesday, August 10, 2005

In just 4000 days

I am halfway through reading possibly the finest article I have ever digested. Anyone that hasn't got the August edition of Wired magazine should stop reading and go get it. Page 91 is the beginning of the most amazing, eye opening stream of statistics I have ever seen. It's ironic that this article is about the Internet explosion, and I'm beseeching you to go and contribute to the demise of another acre of rainforest, but then, the world is a funny and unpredictable Sim.

Place. I meant place.

For those of you who are too tight, stoned, lazy or unbelieving to have got a copy by now, here on My Blog (one of 50,000,000 in existance and rising at the rate of one every 2 seconds) I will snarf some of their truly astounding stats.

My son is curently 11 years old, and since he was born, the number of webpages has risen to.....600 billion. Just think about that number for a moment. There are only 6 billion people in the world for heavens sakes! Apparently only 40% of the web is commercial, judged I assume, by content rather than address, and yet eBay hosts 50,000,000 auctions per month. Hell, last year it sold $11,000,000,000 of vehicles alone, and that's billion, not million for those like me who are prone to BND (Big Number Dyslexia).

Judging by the distance travelled in the last 10 years by the Internet, I can't see the traditional forms of news disemination lasting very much longer in its present form, at least I hope not, because if I was asked to point the finger at the single most contributary factor in todays troubles, it would be aimed squarely at the outdated methods we curently employ to Pass information around.

Finally, the article suggest that in the near future, there will be more content provided on the web than can be be consumed, and that that is just fine, the audience often isn't important, its the contribution to the network of social creation that matters. So if by letting off steam to a non existant audience I can add to the new order of opinion and vocalisation, in a strange way I have reserved my place in history and social heaven.