Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Surprise....Feds Want to Tap In-Flight Internet Communications

In a move that will surprise absolutely nobody, TechNewsWorld reports that the US Federal Gov. is moving towards demanding access to tap, track, and presumably store, info passed across the ever-increasing number of HiFlyWiFi hotspots.

You will be similarly unsurprised to learn that these proposals include the ability to '...intercept, block, or reroute e-mail to and from any airplane'. Part of their concerns appear to be based around fears that terrorists could detonate explosives remotely using Internet-accessed systems.

Yet again, a thinly-veiled attempt to control Information in the name of making the world a safer place. Yet again the core aim of this intrusion will be blurred and buried from view in the complexity of the arguments designed to make us all feel somehow un-patriotic, or even suspicious.

Why the bloody hell would terrorists want to risk failure of months of planning because of a dodgy Microsoft OS or flaky hardware, when they have literally *scores* of people willing to sit there at 30,000ft and manually pull a pin out.

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