Friday, July 08, 2005

London bombings

I am in New York, and as such am safer today than I would normally be. Ranting and speculating is best left to news networks (and I can almost see the excited news editors salivating over the gore and sorrow) but what is more concerning is two little words that have just popped up along the strapline on CNN. "Rail Insecurity"

Having had to run the gauntlet of US immigration on the way into the country (they now have my photo and finger prints, and I have NO idea what they intend to do with them, who they are going to pass them to, or how long they will be kept) I am more than aware of the dangers to civil liberties, panic and over-reaction can be. As I speak there army personel outside Penn Station, not Police mind you, but full-on, camo-clad gun totin' Army folk. Who or what do you think they are looking for? What nationality exactly makes up Al Bundy? Go on, what do they look like? Got a picture yet?

Worrying isn't it.

BJ Hollingsworth (via Blackberry)

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