Wednesday, May 25, 2005

WiMax -vs- 3G

The news of WiMax has probably crept up on many people, but with trials in the UK (Canterbury, Kent) kicking off soon it is looking like fiction no longer. Whats the big buzz? Well, those of us who are hamstrung if the pub we are meeting mates in DOESN'T have a Looseconnection will understand the significance of WiFi with 70Mbit/s and a range of 48km!

One strange section in the article ponders whether WiMax has arrived too late to make significant inroads into the wonders of 3G as at the moment it is only suitable for fixed broadband connections. Hmmmm, let me think.....

  • have the WiMax hardware developers had to pay a Government BILLIONS of pounds for the right to broadcast? Nope.
  • can you put Telephone conversations (Voice over IP), video signals, data etc over WiMax without paying ridiculous prices per Kilobyte? Yep.
  • is the WiMax kit EVER likely to haemorrhage from your laptop (see pic below on the PC-Prolapse in question) in a fashion that makes decapitation a certainty, or insists on tripping innocent Gin 'n Tonics when placed on the bar? Nope.

The tricks that WiMax have, that 3G don't, are versatility and penetration. Sure, when it kicks off, WiMax connection is going to cost, but as we have seen with WiFi, it won't be long before alternative cost-models (those more friendly to end-user pockets) bubble to the surface.

From there, it is a short skip-and-a-hope to a mobile-enabled version, making streaming to WiMaxiPods and stereoMobiles a reality, thus changing the cost models for Music and other content Providers, and finally, World Domination.


Friday, May 20, 2005

One of those weeks....

Last weekend saw the end of the roll-out of a Cisco 'phone project at the Company I am working for. Without Chirag's dedication, BT's ineptitude would have turned it into a COMPLETE fiasco, but as per usual, assess were pulled from the fire with much gritting of teeth and ranting at so-called 'senior' management.

As one would expect, our users took it all in their stride, getting on with their work and leaving us alone for the most part(ish!)!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Yahoo or Yah-Boo?

I saw Pete’s entry about iTunes getting heavy and selfish about where you are allowed to keep stuff you have bought (i.e. Music!) and it coincided with a bitch I have had brewing for a couple of days now...

We have spoken on a number of occasions about the future of Music Licensing and my views are fairly simple: the idea of being responsible for your own recordings is likely to become out-moded very soon; online storage and playback by web-enabled devices will become the norm.  We even have some sexy ideas about how to license/charge/maintain such a system if anyone cares to listen (and pay reasonable consultancy fees!).

So when Yahoo! Announce that their Music Unlimited service is available to the prolitariat, it is with Glee and aSkip in my Step that I trundle in, only to be confronted with oh-so-familiar “Windows
Only” requirement.  Yet again, to ensure that we all subscribe to the Record Distribution ideal that payment does not confer ownership, the availability to restricted to a medium that can best be Nobbled. Oh yeah, and its only for
those in America, godammit!

It’s like the Government enforcing an After-Dark curfew to reduce burglary.  Or National Identity cards to stop illegal immigration for that matter.....