Wednesday, April 20, 2005

..Another reason why the BBC is great...

I can't help it, I'm a radio junkie. Only since we were visited by the Broadband Fairy, it is rarely the actual Wireless Set I have playing in the parlour, it's Internet-based streams. And 90% of the time, this means BBC's excellent Audio on Demand service.

The BBC's programming is exemplary on radio, and despite arguing with Pete on a regular basis, I am actually perfectly happy to pay a license fee so the rest of the World can listen-in; those that appreciate class is happy when it is spread a little, innit.

If you only listen to one show online this week, try Bobby Friction and Nihal for some minds-eye opening Asian music, and if you are going to listen to more, continue with the finest comedy in the universe, Sorry I haven't a Clue.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Wide Area WiFi is coming courtesy of (da da dah DING!) more hanging-out at Starbucks with over priced coffee...hooray!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

definition of 'Pirate'?

It really doesn't matter if you think the people behind and its counterparts are Crusaders in the new Age of Aquarius, or selfish, shortsighted fools with morals but no useful opinion as to a viable alternative. Either way, I DREAM of being described in such pompous terms as those recently attracted: is a content agnostic search service

Monday, April 11, 2005


Anna said tonight, "9 years for Spam? thats mad!" In actual fact, if you compare what these disgusting leaches do to a perfectly good concept like the interent, I think they are let off lightly. Those of you who know me well enough, will be aware that 'someone we know' just happened to be caught preparing to drive a speedboat away from the scene of a crime (with a few million pounds worth of Diamonds on board, it must be said!) He got 5 years. And never actually stole anything.

These bastards steal your money, and mine every morning, noon, and night, by eating our bandwidth and hogging our time by having to filter their pointless, useless crap.


Sunday, April 10, 2005

---90's stop-press!--

No head-hanging in shame this time...oh no! Chesney Hawkes is playing
Bognor next weekend, and has a number of Celeb appearances lined up
(not all of them successful according to his

He's a nice guy, knows nice people, is well-grounded and I have his
Piano, so if he gets big, I can e-bay it (again!)

Mobile Geek Nirvana

Further to my previous post about the (alleged) WiFi facilities that
those lovely T-Mobile people are putting on Brighton-London
trains.......I'VE FOUND THEM!

Yes, I'm sitting on a train, doing Umptity Miles per Hour, watching a
blurred landscape and I'm online!

I am not going to measure the speed of the connection or deliver a
critique on its coverage from one carriage to another, I'm just bloody
glad I've found it at last....