Saturday, December 18, 2004

Calling Legal Eagles

Spotted this post on one of the Russian MP3 download sites. In short, MFeldman writes "You can legally acquire music from anyone who has a legitimate right to distribute it. You can buy from iTunes, because it was licensed by RIAA, you can buy it from Canada, if it is licensed by CRIA, you can buy it from Russia, if it was licensed by ROMS. Now the key difference is that RIAA and CRIA need to obtain licenses from songwriters and artists. ROMS owns rights to intellectual property automatically. "

Now firstly, is this correct? And is it applicable to the UK as well as the good ol' US of America? Because if it is, both and state that they are licensed in Russia to distribute MP3's.

Can anyone shed some 'Official' light on this?


Anonymous said...

Objection your honor!!!

Only thing i can think off is that you are importing the music into the EU so you should pay taxes.

Well lets see 90 cents per album so about 18 cents tax. Can i write a check for 18 cents?


Anonymous said...

Dear Ben Holly,

Let us participate in a quest. I give hints and you try to guess who I am.

Are you in to it? Course u r.

I will start with a general hint. I had a pint with you once or twice. Now you have about 14.908 people to think of. Good luck and I will check your blog regulary.

G. (hint 2)

Ben Hollingsworth said...

ooohhh...a stalker!.....sorry...Games!

ummmm....Which decade?

ummmmm....Which car did I have?

Anonymous said...

You drove a red audi at that time and you were teaching Marcus to watch Red Dwarf.

I will make it easy for you. I have tought you some Dutch swearing, but you thought me much more English ones.

Guess you know now.

Hope to hear from you!

Ben Hollingsworth said...

How stramge! Greg! Herr Scholten(!?) Bugger me backwards! and I was only in Alphen aan der Rijn last week! Often remembered, how's tricks? How many Little Dtchmen now?!

Drop me an email dude, no scary Drinks in Amsterdam I Promise, but I'd love to hear how you are!

Anna sends hugs (or she would do if she fuckin' woke up!)...Ben