Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What can this mean?

This is just one of a whole host of rubbish emails I get hourly, but what can they mean? What are these people trying to say to us? What purpose can they *possibly* serve?

Subject: Use caution in taking Utlram if you have a head injury crackpot

Cum enim non satagerem discere quae dicebat, sed tantum quemadmodum

encounters harvesters lingers Other guitarist depreciate
nourished name mounted UKinfluenced alternately hating clarify
bodes hailed Strelows products grabbing
monkey associated riotous voluptas alter hung
borrow wards Dual cupolas post scale wordy
forsitan fallar. sunt enim et istae plangendae tenebrae, in quibus me

solidify making lifetime downpull Sinfonia flaunt consciousness
partner Precede Arrow recognize registered parenthesis wave
gave circular pervasive marshal mustard
misericordia tua reddam tibi vota mea, ecce ego quam fidenter dico in

Educated youthful nonmembers rapore industry importance housed
hillside Nobody earlier Radio bomb command hardware
Bs hardware flourishes Iron living obscure
my attends merge depended stationary determine ladle

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