Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Spot the Difference...

Spot the Difference
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Speaking to my Brother-in-law recently (he's a Policeman, but you wouldn't know it by looking at him!)he was telling me about the alarming increase in ATM fraud, and the extraordinary lengths some gangs are going to. The lower picture purports to show a card-reader sprayed and glued to the front of a standard ATM. This is by no means the only model of fraud-device, so be on the look-out EVERY time you use an ATM

I am awaiting some more pics of the equipment used by these gangs, feel free to submit your own if you come across any. It is a shame I (and you) have to spend time and effort keeping track of these developments; the Banks do not seem to be at all concerned, judging by the lack of publicity they are generating to make the public aware of the problem.

Thanks to Isabel Santos for submitting the first pictures...

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