Thursday, July 29, 2004

Vitriol...have I uncovered something yucky?

I am becoming aware that I run the risk of turning this blog into a never-end tirade against the poor souls who have had the misfortune to intersect with my petty life. But then its my blog, so sod you, I like it that way.

The link above is an oldy but a goody. It is obviously written once for every large corporation that ever existed, but It sums my general feelings up quite accurately. One 'special-moment' is happening as we speak. The father of a very good friend of my son's recently passed away after a short illness. My son and his friend (lets call her Susie Smith) are ten years old, and as you can imagine, it has introduced them into a very sensitive area quite early in life (I think). Anyway, whilst attempting to reduce the number of cable channels they subscribe-to with NTL, Susie's mum has had numerous occasions to attempt to gain access to a human with a brain, via their DIRE support processes. So far, despite AT LEAST THREE attempts to get something sorted, they insist on calling Mrs Smith back, and when she or her daughter answers.....asking to talk to Mr Smith.

This is not careless.

Its heartless.

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