Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I have just spent 59 minutes (approx) in the car, on the Mobile, trying to get settings for GPRS. That’s around 50 miles. Of those 50 miles, I spent about 1 mile talking to humans. None of whom were any help at all.

After 32 minutes of listening to the most repetitive Aural Pap specifically designed to distort mobile-phone speakers, a call management system directed me (after accurate responses to well defined queries) to someone who was probably cleaning the offices.

Who then cut me off. 24 minutes later, I was talking to the very same lady, who this time realised I may turn violent, so put me through to someone else who could not help me, very swiftly indeed.

Having discovered that I was completely beyond help (in a task that takes Vodafone around 35 seconds to achieve, I know, I've tried) I was silly enough to ask just how many people were staffing this particular hotbed of techno-Samaritans.

Although I could not elicit an answer, I was reliably informed that the call-waiting time was less than a minute, and there was no explanation for my lost hour, "..perhaps I could put you through to customer services..." she said.

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